Creature Feature: Procyon lotor

When we rented a cabin at California’s Kit Carson Lodge, it was wonderful. It was quiet, having only a few cabins, with a small restaurant up front. It was located on a mountain lake.

After dark we built a fire in the fireplace. It was a peaceful vibe.

I heard something gently scratching at the front door. Opening the door, I saw a small animal in the dark. It stood on two legs and extended its seemingly delicate hands.

It was a raccoon! I was scared of it at first. “RABIES!” people had always screamed at me, in regards to various creatures.

I found some food for it and it gently took it and scampered off. I closed the door. A few minutes later there was another scratch at the door. Raccoon was back – with her babies.

They seemed to be trick-or-treating! They all came in, got a snack, and stayed for a few minutes. 

Then it was time for them to go. They had other cabins to visit I think!

EMF and Health

Selling Bad Health: So-called Smart Meters

Selling Bad Health: Adults, Children, Pets and Neighbors Are At Risk

As I recall, so-called smart meters were first becoming heavily promoted by power companies around 2010.

Power companies would install smart meters without the consent of the renter or homeowner. People often would not even be aware that a smart meter had been installed on their exterior walls – until they got sick and did research. This happened to me in California. It is still happening to many.

The power companies would then refuse to remove or switch-out the meters. Meanwhile people were becoming ill and mostly had no idea why. People often could no longer live in their homes. (I think of this as part of a sad migration: people sleeping in their cars.)

Smart meters generate high levels of Microwave Radiation. Look it up. Take a sedative first perhaps.

This is an issue of monetary greed, ignorance and invasion: that of having toxic meters placed right outside of our windows; put onto our dwellings; put onto our neighbors’ dwellings - of being prevented in controlling our own environment and health.

Smart meter emissions quite naturally penetrate walls and buildings. Emissions are not contained to an area in which they are generated.

Symptoms of being exposed to smart meter emmissions include:

Chronic Insomnia
Brain Fog
Chest Pain
Heart Palpitations
Eye Inflammation
Earache/ Tinnitis (Ringing in Ears)

(Note:Non-emitting Analog meters are a good consumer choice and have been effective for many years. Consumers are now frequently requesting Non-emmiting Analog meters.)

A local power utility worker came onto the property and installed a smart meter but didn't explain what he actually did. I told him "I opt out!" It took two weeks for them to remove the smart meter and install a non-emitting analog meter.