From the Archives: 'American' Film

It's funny. At the video store I'd noticed lots of releases with 'American' in the title.

American Beauty
American Psycho
American Pie
American Pimp
American Movie
American Perfeck
American Virgin
American Women

It was tragic. Customers could get confused and rent the wrong thing. If you're in the mood for Lester Burnham, then Patrick Bateman just won't do.

Now, let's pretend we don't know the synopses of these films and write our own, shall we?

American Beauty (docu)
Defining the culture of American female beauty: pigmentation; fat distribution; jiggle and bounce.

American Psycho (docu)
Sociopaths and the women who love them.

American Pie (docu)
Apple, cherry, rhubarb, peach, pecan: sexual symbolism and baked goods.

American Pimp

Sex workers turn the tables on the sex business establishment.

American Movie (docu)
Film critics chronicle the declining quality of American mainstream film.

American Perfeck (docu)

On the educational system: why can't Johnny and Janey spell?

American Virgin (docu)
Hot dogs, apple pie and hymens: exploding the myths of virginity.

American Women

Broadway musical based upon The Kinsey Report: Originally titled Oh! Alfred!

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