Pulp Fiction: A Secret Life of Paper

The seedlings grow in a seedling farm until they are replanted into sustained-growth managed timberlands. A timberland R. Lee Ermy prevails.
"I don't see you G R O W I N G ! What a bunch of P A N S I E S! I should send you back to your M A M A S right now! "
"Are we going home?"
"I didn't know we were pansies . . ."


"Look. They're bringing in a new bunch. Cute little sprigs."
"I don't see you GROWING! Whaddaya want, BOTTLED WATER? This here polluted groundwater'll put fuzz on your stems!"


"Today you become MATURE GROWTH! Don't blubber like little-bitty BABIES! You can TAKE it!"


The discombobulated wood chips are mixed with water and hydrosulfites.
"We're MELTing . . . we're MELTing!"
"You're tearing me APART!"

office space

Reams of 500 sheet/20 lb are stacked in a retail administrative office. On television is The Wizard of Oz, then Poltergeist. As oaks move their branches and enclose screaming human beings, stacks of paper vibrate.
"Power to the wood!"

"Do you believe in reincarnation?"
"Yes, I want to come back as a movie tree."