Incense & Peppermints: Is Nothing Sacred?

Goodbye patchouli, cedar, orange blossom, sandalwood, et al - do people really need to be breathing such volatile compounds/by-products? Apparently not

It seemed a good way to scent my environment. In retrospect, it seems one might best simply burn the herbs/essences in their natural form vs. stoking up a toxic, manufactured product.

Patchouli: FEMA has it listed! Apparently aging hippies might use it to overpower the citizenry/government (think Woody Allen in Sleeper overtaking a guard with limburger cheese)! 

It takes me back to the nineteen-seventies: a burning stick, a scented wash, a dab of oil. Cedar and orange allegedly have cleansing effect (as does sage). Not attracted to most commercial fragrances, nor sweet/flowery essences, I've always loved woods, spices and citrus.

Sigh. Could the pungent smoke plumes be related to my allergies, nausea, dizziness? Or to cancer? I think I'll bake cinnamon instead.