Confessions of a Primetime Snob

I've gone through periods of not watching TV for months or longer. I'd lost interest in typical prime-time programming and developed Fear of Bad TV. I tended to not have hope about the potential quality of premiering series and didn't bother watching. Cable series such as Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Weeds provided entertainment - along with brit crime fare Prime Suspect, Cracker, etc.

Eventually, due to sleeplessness, satellite and syndication, I'm now hooked on CSI 
Petersen / Helgenberger have long been faves of mine. The technical research, writing and acting are top notch. What an interesting creative team

petersen trivia
If you haven't seen Michael Mann's
Manhunter, check it out!

Does anyone remember the 'new' Twilight Zone series from 1985? There was an episode with William Petersen and
Frances McDormand solving a mystery in a small southwestern town. Looking back, the new TZ had some good writers (especially for TV at that time).