Orgasm Pill for Women

Today the pharmaceutical company Ovakill announced Vagvigor, the first orgasm pill for women.

Vagvigor's research and availability has been hindered by lack of interest and funding, as with the research of new birth control methods. It could possibly have been marketed years ago.

The drug works much in the same way as Viagra, the erection drug for men, by affecting blood flow and thereby affecting sexual arousal. However, unlike Viagra, Vagvigor is not covered by most medical insurance plans, and costs twice as much. Available in suppository or pill form, it comes packaged in a small pink box.

Currently, a TV ad controversy is brewing. "It could be advertised in the same manner as feminine protection products" states an ad agency spokesman."It could be very vague and condescending, just enough to pique interest, and would display no actual product usage, of course! We wouldn't want to imply an attitude of pro-female sexuality. And we'd like to make a buck, yanno?”

In studies Vagvigor has produced orgasm in previously non-orgasmic women, and has increased orgasmic intensity and duration in normally orgasmic women. It is believed that the drug works by increasing pelvic blood flow and by inducing a type of fugue fantasy state.

Dosage is key in achieving the desired results. Vagvigor is also available in Timed Release form. Possible side effects include restlessness, anxiety, euphoria, insomnia, and a craving for chocolate. However, these possible side effects should not be considered a deciding factor in using the drug, medical sources say, as many currently suffer these symptoms anyway.