Spalding Gray

Spalding Gray

spalding on the web
I've been a Spalding aficionado since the nineteen-eighties. In the nineties I began to type it in: Why doesn't he have a website? I wondered (though it would be charmingly luddite that a person would choose to not have one). I sometimes wonder what droll humor Spalding might have written about cyberspace and computer usage, had he the time and inclination.

In spring of 2004, I typed it in; the site came up. I then communicated with the webmaster. Writer John Boland and Dr. Dan Hewak had recently struggled with domain speculators to help Spalding Gray heirs gain control of the domain name. I soon agreed to do the initial site re-design.
The current design, by yet a third web designer/team, was created using Cascading Style Sheets - which has typically given a bold, clean, gorgeous result. Cheers!

spald in hollywood
Stories Left To Tell: I like the way it's structured, with the various aspects/voices of Spalding. The "Spalding Goes To Hollywood" aspect makes me recall hysterical situations and dialogue: Spalding being interviewed for a gig on The Tonight Show; sleazoid producer 'Simon Balzner' ("Love you, LOVE you, LOVE you!"); 'idea lunches' with super healthy, hyper Hollywood people; Spald's answering machine pulsing with network offers. Makes me want to rewatch Terrors of Pleasure 
and Monster in a Box . . .

I remember Spalding sharing his being interviewed for a possible gig on the Tonight Show. (paraphrasing here)

Interviewer: "You keep going from light to dark! From light to dark! . . . Do you WATCH The Tonight Show?"

(Spalding admitted that he sometimes tuned in - but would nod off. )

Spalding: "I don't own a TV, but I have access to one!"

Interviewer: "You have ACCESS to one, you have access to one, oh reeeaaally Mr. Gray . . ."