Zen and the Art of "Zen"

I highly recommend the series Zen, which originally aired in 2011, an offering of PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery series. Based upon the late Michael Dibdin’s novel, three ninety-minute episodes were created.

Get past the initial spurious ‘Mr. Cool’ physicality of its protagonist, the excellent actor Rufus Sewell: dig the witty, understated dialog and delivery; the excellent cast; the delicious locations; the whole damn vibe.

Sewell had fun with the role of character Aurelio Zen. PBS however had a change of management and the mini-series went poof into the Strata of Lost Entertainment Excellence – at least the show is in good company. It’s our loss that there were no more episodes (the third episode however cleverly ends with an ultimate perfect moment).

The episodes “Vendetta”, “Cabal” and “Ratking” are available on DVD. Enjoy.