Boomer Humor: The 'Chair'

As I recently watched PBS I saw a Texas prison piece that featured their electric chair. This triggered a memory from elementary school in the nineteen-sixties. Our class went on a field trip to a prison in the state capitol city. What was up with that?

I seem to remember clubbish uniformed prison officials explaining how ‘Old Sparky’ worked – and one of them made a comment at the end of the presentation:

“So be good, kiddies. We don’t ever want to see you here, ‘ya hear?”

So, did this lead to the more dysfunctional parents out there threatening ‘The Chair’?

“Eat your broccoli, Suzie … remember The Chair, The Chair!”

“Do your homework, Johnny…The Chair, The Chair!”

Well, this particular threat didn’t occur at my house. I can’t speak for others.