A. F. Waddell Has Left the Building (Um, WHO?)

I was exposed to chemicals in my apartment by a constant barrage, and turnover of renters. There had been meth production in the building. Got hit in the face with ammonia and weird sickening air fresheners. Woke in the night choking on toxic weirdness. 

Horror movie title, folks: "It CAME Through The VENTS!" 

Eight or nine damaged leaking vents/ducts existed in my unit - and four monster AC units existed in the four-unit building. When people start masking their whatever with chemicals, it does become a horror movie.

It got worse and worse. Management would not acknowledge the problem. Moving to another overpriced toxic apartment was not an answer. Then my partner of many years died.

For months I slept in my car nights in a Safeway parking lot, for breathable air. A person can do this until it gets hot. Summer was approaching. I visited my apartment briefly during the day for showers and food. 

I needed a plan (duh, clearly!). Legal Resources of Northern California advised me: "If you report these issues you will likely be evicted. FYI." Oh. Really? Guess that's not an option then. Have a nice day.

Family and friends back east finally convinced me to move there. I did not want to leave California - but an upside was getting back to more affordable housing. I would run out of money in California.

I was terrified of driving cross-country, but once I got on  Interstate 5 South I calmed down - me and my dog barreling through time and space, wow! My Pontiac Aztek made the trip well. I was lucky too. Lucky I had the means to do the trip.

I loved driving through Breaking Bad country, gorgeous Alburquerque NM. NM has always called to me, but I doubt I could afford to live there.

The trip took seven or eight days - I came to appreciate rest areas - well, I had been sleeping in my car for months anyway!

I'm with family here now BUT - I bought a camper and rented a camper space on a farm.